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JAGDPANZER IV/70 Lang. The fact that the transmission is mounted directly behind the front glacis means that any shot will disable it. Interested in purchasing something from the War Thunder Store? Bien que ce projet a été conçu sur un châssis complètement nouveau, lePanzer IV a été choisi pour être utilisé à la place. The Stug has a very obvious weak spot though, which is the vertical armor at the front, so people can pen you even at greater ranges. In case of a frontal attack (choke point/corridor), try blinding the Jagdpanzer IV with smoke and then swarm it with several tanks to saturate its defensive capacities. Based on the chassis of the Pz.IV, the Jagdpanzer IV is slightly heavier but still benefits from the same all-round mobility: it accelerates steadily and is able to reach a maximum speed of 43 km/h in a dozen of seconds. Il a été introduit durant le test fermé Beta pour les forces terrestres avant mise à jour 1.41. It was introduced in during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update 1.41. Self-propelled anti-tank guns released before September 1944 had anti-magnetic Zimmerit paste applied to their vertical surfaces. With your firepower, any enemy wandering in your sight alone is practically dead. Force the Jagdpanzer IV out of position with indirect fire (artillery strikes) if you're at relative close range and it is locking down a passage. The Hanomag-Henschel JPz 4-5 or Kanonenjagdpanzer is a rank V German tank destroyer with a battle rating of 6.7 (AB/RB/SB). Their overall performance was very successful as tank destroyers and only sub-par in other roles that are usually taken by tanks or assault guns, as the high-velocity 75 mm cannon it mounts were unsuitable for anti-infantry and fortification purposes. with a battle rating of 4.7 (AB/RB/SB). Beyond 1,500 m the loss of accuracy becomes a real handicap, together with the poor magnification of your optics. La première version avait un frein de bouche etzimmeritPâte anti-magnetic ajouté au véhicule. Very comfortable to drive thanks to the fair acceleration & top speed, Excellent gun traverse arc to each side gives the ability to shot while having the tank angled, Low profile, not an easy target at long ranges, Frontal armour is well sloped and can mount tracks to improve protection, Will often face vehicles that can punch through its armour frontally, PaK39 is lacking compared to enemy armaments, As with most casemates, a dead transmission or driver means a dead vehicle, Small vehicle, if it gets penetrated all the crew can be knocked out in one hit. Dernière mise à jour Cast homogeneous armour (Gun mantlet) Notes: 1. Il a été tué tout en regardant sa trappe Jagdpanzer IV pendant la bataille du renflement. This can make the tracking of a target difficult as the gun quickly reaches a stop. You will be quickly disabled by any fire targeting your sides. Luckily, it won't be able to return lethal fire from afar. Other modifications were made to the design over time, but the biggest change in its production was the addition of Schürzen side armour plates. The Jagdpanzer IV has a very vulnerable front hull, which can be penetrated easily by most guns at the battle rating. The 75 mm PaK39 L48 cannon stays reliably accurate until 1,200 m distance. This tank destroyer enjoyed great popularity with tank troops, since its gun could knock out virtually any Allied tank of its day. The Jagdpanzer IV, German armoury designation Sd.Kfz. Jagdpanzer IV имеет высокую подвижность и манёвренность. Petit véhicule, si vous êtes pénétrée, tout l'équipage peut être éliminé en un seul coup. Make good use of it to shoot from behind ridges. Arcade Battles review of the German tank destroyer: the Jagdpanzer IV. The brakes are powerful and make the Jagdpanzer IV stop within meters (the violent braking however causes the hull to wobble, making your targeting less accurate). You should identify and target in priority choke points, narrow passages and corridors of the map that the enemy will be forced to take. Suspension wheels and bogies are 15 mm thick while tracks are 20 mm thick. I havent played WT for a while soI dont remember all the tanks which was in my BR when I played as a Tiger 1. Theyve been powercreeped so hard its unbelievable. Because of your weak side armour, always stay away from the frontline to avoid being flanked or swarmed and thus maximise your chances of survival. Dans War Thunder, le Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer est un chasseur de char allemand d'un BR de 4.7. As a turretless tank destroyer, your turning speed is too poor to manoeuvre quickly enough in close combat to face flanking enemies. However, racks 1 to 7 contain 9 shells each while racks 8 and 9 contain 8 shells each. Certains Jagdpanzer IVs capturés ont été donnés par l'Union soviétique à la Roumanie et la Syrie, mais la Roumanie mis au rebut toutes les armes allemand par 1954 et en Syrie les ont utilisés dans les conflits contre Israël jusqu'en 1967. Vomag AG factories released 769 of these vehicles from January to October 1944. Armure avant est entièrement en pente, pas à plat comme sur précédents destroyers de réservoir de StuG, et n'a pas de point faible important, Armure avant de la coque a fixé des pistes de rechange sur elle, en ajoutant 20 mm de blindage. Warning:this barre latérale est un WIP, et peut être incorrect. However, increasing the thickness to 80 mm shifted the vehicle's center of gravity, overloading the front pair of road wheels, which were prone to fail. your own Pins on Pinterest Since it is mounted on the hull, it cannot effectively shoot at planes. Oldtown 89 Oldtown 89 Warrant officer; Member; 89 217 posts; 1523 Report post; Posted May 26, 2014. From up close, most tanks will have no problem penetrating your hull or your superstructure. If you play with Tiger 1, Shermans (Jumbo) and jagdpanzer IV then you should. The increased armour of 4.7 also means that the now average PaK39 will have significantly more difficulty dealing with heavily armoured vehicles, namely the M4A3E2 Jumbo and Churchill VII. The design was to have a low silhouette and an enclosed casemate fighting compartment after experiences with the Marder IIIs showed that such features were necessary for a successful fighting vehicle. Light and medium obstacles (fences, posts, bushes and small trees) are not a problem but large obstacles (trees, concrete blocks and parked vehicles) will hinder your mobility: avoid them. I fear no tank, but that thing, it scares me. Discover (and save!) The Jagdpanzer IV is superior to most things at its battle rating imo, of course they are no "rush the objective and cap" tanks, but their guns will penetrate heavies easily and obliterate anything else. TheJagdpanzer IVw garażu. War Thunder Gameplay - Jagdpanzer IV/70(V), Best Tank Mate War Thunder Patch 1.45 New Tanks & New Planes Videos! The average muzzle velocity of your APCBC and APCR shells still grants you flat predictible trajectories and thus helps firing at moving targets from a distance. This self-propelled gun was developed in 1943 to strengthen German anti-tank defensive capabilities. This way, the front armor was almost 50% thicker than the tank's base model. Your reload time is similar to vehicles at the same BR, if not a little longer than average. Although lacking in significant post-penetration damage, using the APCR could mean the difference between disabling a vehicle and bouncing a shell. Compared to analogue 75 & 76 mm cannons, the PaK39 comes last in both ballistic performance and muzzle velocity. After World War II ended, the Jagdpanzer IV's design still saw service with the German Bundeswehr as the Hanomag-Henschel JPz 4-5|Kanonenjagdpanzer, which has the nearly same design as the Jagdpanzer IV, but most notably with a 90 mm gun. If you try to play the Jagdpanzer IV as a front-line tank or a support tank, you will be confronting with the following issues. Le véhicule avait un équipage de quatre personnes, le commandant, canonnier, chargeur, et le conducteur. Flanking the tank destroyer undetected and immobilizing it with your first shot remains your best chance to destroy it. The Jagdpanzer IV, mounting the 75 mm Pak 39, was designed and produced by Vomag. Après Guerre mondiale II a pris fin, la conception Jagdpanzer IV's a vu encore le service avec la Bundeswehr commeKanonenjagdpanzer, Qui a presque même design que le Jagdpanzer IV, mais surtout avec un canon de 90 mm. Your limited gun traverse still allows you to monitor an area spanning 212 m at 500 m distance without having to reposition your hull. You will also suppress enemy fire to prevent your team from being pinned down by enemy tank destroyers. Pour simplifier la production de ce véhicule, la superstructure est essentiellement constituée de grandes plaques d'enclenchement qui sont soudées ensemble. The Panzer IV/70(V) bears the 75 mm PaK42 cannon with a medium rate of fire (9 sec reload). Suspension wheels are 15 mm thick while tracks are 20 mm thick. © 2010—2021 by Gaijin Entertainment. Jul 10, 2019 @ 3:46pm how do i fight the Jagdpanzer iv? Also im Kampf gegen die russischen Panzer macht sich der IV… L'un des aces Jagdpanzer IV populaires était SS-Oberscharführer Rudolf Roy qui était attaché au 12 SS réservoir Destructeur BATTLION. Ihre Gesamtleistung war sehr erfolgreich als Panzerjäger und nur in anderen Rollen sub … With the maximum penetration of 192 mm for the stock AP, this gun can frontally penetrate most opponents it will face. War Thunder. The (V) stands for the designer, Vomag. Le Jagdpanzer IV, le montage du Pak 75 mm 39, a été conçu et réalisé par Vomag. This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 17:45. This anti-tank gun fought with anti-tank divisions on all fronts. [effondrer] Le Jagdpanzer IVest un rang III destroyer de char allemand avec une cote de bataille de 4.7. Il est également membre de la confrérie des « Chasseur de char allemand à 4,7 » avec le StuG III Ausf.G et le Jagpanzer IV. The vertical front hull armour was replaced with large sloped armour plates, ammunition and fuel were moved to accommodate the new superstructure design, and the auxiliary engine that once powered the Panzer IV turret was removed. Share this post. Jul 31, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by James Evans. Jagdpanzer IV/48 (Sd.Kfz.162) Armed with a 7.5 cm Pak 39 L/48, developed under the name Sturmgeschütz neuer Art mit 7.5 cm Pak L/48 auf Fahrgestell PzKpfw IV, with 769–784 produced in January 1944 - November 1944. The design was to be armed with the 75 mm Pak 42 mounted on the Panther tanks. It takes the design of the older Jagdpanzer IVby having a lower profile in order to perform ambush duties against enemy tanks. The stock tracks are narrow and grant you a decent mobility on hard terrain (solid ground, roads) but poor mobility on soft terrain (mud, snow, sand). Using the "sight distance control" feature can help mitigate that aspect. IV's chassis, with reasonably-sloped front and side armor plates. You will get destroyed. Der Hauptzweck, Nutzung und Taktik Empfehlungen Allgemeiner Spielstil Fahrzeugeigenschaften Taktik Counter-tactics Vor-und Nachteile. Le Jagdpanzer IV (le nom est interchangeable entre toutes ses variantes) a d'abord été publié en Mars 1944 et a été employé dans anti-tank rôle dans le front occidental et de l'Est. A very low, welded hull was placed on the Pz.Kpfw. Take that constraint into account when positioning your hull at a firing spot. Le véhicule était armé d'un canon de 75 mm, mais supposons initialement être celui de la Panthère, les pénuries ont forcé le montage des armes à feu plus anciens tels que le Pak 39 L/48 75 mm canon, ce qui était moins puissant que le Panthère's PaK 42, mais ont été toujours mortelle. The vehicle was armed with a 75 mm gun, though originally suppose to be the one from the Panther, shortages forced the mounting of older guns such as the 75 mm Pak 39 L/48 cannon, which were less powerful than the Panther's PaK 42, but were still lethal. For long range engagements, M4A3E2 Jumbos are the enemies most likely to bounce your shell from a distance. Although exemplary at lower battle ratings, the PaK39 will find itself coming up short at the Jagdpanzer IV's BR. The superstructure had 80 mm thick sloping armour that gives it an effective 100 mm thick. Został on wprowadzony w czasie testu Closed Beta dla Wojsk Lądowych przed aktualizacją 1.41. От преодоления малых препятствий скорость ощутимо не … WAR THUNDER présente la mise à jour "Starfighters" Voici Starfighters, la toute nouvelle mise à jour majeure de War Thunder qui apporte la flotte italienne, des hélicoptères japonais, plusieurs avions à réaction emblématiques, dont la célèbre famille des F-104! Le Jagdpanzer 38 (t)(Également connu par abus de langage"Hetzer"[Jagdpanzer 38 (t)(Également connu par abus de langage"Hetzer" 3.3 guns (F2 equivalent) on an even worse chassis, but at 4.7? Le Jagdpanzer IVdans le garage. The Jagdpanzer IV participated in the Normandy Campaign, Battle of the Bulge, and the Soviet Offensives on the Eastern Front. Le Jagdpanzer IV a participé à la campagne la Normandie, Bataille du renflement, et les soviétiques sur le Offensives front de l'Est. 683. The most suitable shells to deal with a Jagdpanzer IV are APCBC or APHE shells with a high penetration power. Dernière modification de cette page le 27 novembre 2018, à 01:03. I play RB, and i've worked my way up to 4.3 br with soviet tanks, and this thing gives me nightmares. This tank was added during Update 1.53 "Firestorm". La conception devait être armé avec le Pak 75 mm 42 monté sur lePanthère réservoirs. If you need to quickly turn your hull on the spot towards flanking enemies, privilege the reverse gear (-3 km/h). Cependant, ils ont été rapidement mis en position des réservoirs en raison de la pénurie de véhicules de combat capables dans l'inventaire allemand. Es wurde während der Closed Beta Tests für Bodentruppen vor einem Update 1.41 eingeführt. Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder. The Jagdpanzer 38(t) (also known by misnomer "Hetzer" (Baiter)) is a rank III German tank destroyer with a battle rating of 4.7 (AB) and 4.3 (RB/SB). On the exterior, the gun was covered by a massive, cast mantlet. Discover (and save!) L'objectif principal, l'utilisation et les recommandations tactiques, Histoire de la création et de l'utilisation de combat, https://fr.warthunder.info/index.php?title=Jagdpanzer_IV&oldid=11180, Très agréable à conduire grâce à l'accélération juste & vitesse supérieure, Arc traverse Excellent pistolet sur chaque côté donne la possibilité de tir tout en ayant votre réservoir d'angle, Profil bas, pas une cible facile à longue portée, Enclin à la détonation de porte-munitions. 15cm Sturm-Panzer 43(L/12) IV Brummbär; 8,8 Pak 43/1 Sf.Nashorn; Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer; Jagdpanzer IV; Panzer IV/70(A) Panzer IV/70(V) Pz.Sfl. 42 L/70 gun, similar to the gun installed on the Panther tank. The Jagdpanzer IV Jest to pozycja III niemiecki niszczyciel czołgów z ratingiem bojowym 4,7. The Jagdpanzer 38(t) (also known by misnomer "Hetzer" [Baiter]) is a rank III German tank destroyer with a battle rating of 4.7 (AB) and 4.3 (RB/SB). It was produced from January to November 1944 with about 769 units produced. The visual discrepancy concerns the number of shells per rack as well as the total number of sells (73 shells modeled for 79 available). All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews War Thunder > General Discussions > Topic Details. Turning at high speed makes you significantly lose speed but your acceleration compensates for that aspect. Le blindage avant de la coque verticale a été remplacé par de grandes plaques de blindage en pente, munitions et de carburant ont été déplacés pour recevoir la nouvelle conception de la superstructure, et le moteur auxiliaire qui, une fois mis sous tension la tourelle Panzer IV a été éliminé. Dieser ist nur schwer auszumachen, wenn er unbeweglich irgendwo im Gebüsch lauert und ein tödlicher Gegner für den M18, ebenso wie der Hetzer. En Septembre 1942, le bureau d'armes Wehrmacht a appelé à un nouveau type de véhicules d'assaut. How are these tanks 4.7? All rights reserved. Le Jagdpanzer 38 (t) "Hetzer" dans le garage. However, it does have a higher fire rate, making it useful for gunning down lightly armoured vehicles. auch beim Nah Kampf kann er mich nicht platt machen aber ich ihn . This will force it to retreat and relocate or face the risk of being destroyed. Panzer IV/70 (V) (Sd.Kfz.162/1) One of two variants armed with the Pak 42 L/70 gun. Les chars allemands Le Jagdpanzer IV est un rang III destroyer de char allemand avec une cote de bataille de 4.7. With its 28.9 g TNT filler, it can one shot almost all tanks upon penetration. Rolled homogeneous armour 2. In August 1944, vehicles began to be produced with the 75 mm 7.5 cm KwK. Jagdpanzer Iv Camouflage Colors Tank … Creation of a smoke screen in front of the vehicle, Hanomag-Henschel JPz 4-5|Kanonenjagdpanzer. [effondrer] Any tank sporting a long gun of calibre 75 mm or bigger will disable you with little effort in a close range encounter at this battle rating because of your weak armour. The specifications listed was 100 mm front armour, 40-50 mm on the sides, wide tracks, a top speed of 26 km/h, ground clearance of 50 cm, and a very low firing position. Oct 25, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Peter Bibby. The elevation angle is average and the depression angle is good. Cependant, le frein de bouche a été enlevé car il donne le coup en grande quantité de poussière du sol qui masque les sites de gunner's de sorte que a été retiré, etzimmerita également été retiré après Septembre 1944 en raison de rumeurs selon lesquelles ils ont été à l'origine des incendies de véhicules. To compensate for these shortcomings, tanks mounting the PaK39 are able to use the PzGr 40 APCR shell which offers an increased penetration power at point blank range. Los Jagdpanzer IV es un destructor del tanque alemán rango III con una calificación de batalla de 4,7. The 935 m/s muzzle velocity allows easy targeting when aiming at moving targets. В отличие от своего предшественника, Jagdpanzer IV с 75-мм пушкой KwK 40, новая самоходка имела более мощное вооружение и улучшенную бронезащиту. Hetzer looks like have more armour but it trades to crew compartment and and similar thinner rear armor. This post is just plenty of nonsense. How do you play it? [développer], http://encyclopedia.warthunder.com/downloads/tank/germ_jgdpz_iv_l48.png. The gun has a limited traverse on the horizontal axis. The vehicle had a crew of four, the commander, gunner, loader, and driver. The combat and control crew compartments were located in the front, and the engine was in the rear. 1 x 7,5 cm39 PaK L/48 canon (79 tours) La conception était d'avoir une silhouette basse et un compartiment de combat casemate clos après des expériences avec leMarder IIIs ont montré que ces caractéristiques étaient nécessaires pour un véhicule de combat avec succès. Il a été produit de Janvier à Novembre 1944 avec environ 769 unités produites. The tank destroyer was armed with a 75 mm 7,5cm Pak39 L/48 anti-tank gun with a long 48 caliber barrel, mounted in the combat crew compartment. It was one of the first vehicles introduced in the opening of "Ground Forces" in Update 1.41 after the Closed Beta Test. But it is difficult because it will position very far from the frontline. Link to post Share on other sites. L'utilisation du châssis Panzer IV a rencontré beaucoup de critiques par le général Heinz Guderian, qui a vu le détournement des ressources du réservoir Panzer IV comme inutile puisque l'arme d'assaut en coursStuG III était plus que suffisant dans le rôle et Allemagne avait encore besoin des réservoirs fiables qu'il pourrait utiliser. The Panzer IV chassis was converted into the Jagdpanzer IV, which featured new designs to the original. There is not too much left for Jagdpanzer but which one is better? Armour type: 1. Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder The Jagdpanzer IV is hard to spot when it’s lurking motionless somewhere in the bushes and a deadly enemy for the M18, just like the Hetzer. 162, is a rank III German tank destroyer HEAT and HE shells on the other hand are slow and will fly with a curved trajectory. Перейти к: навигация, поиск Содержание [Military Factory] SdKfz 162 Jagdpanzer IV (Panzerjager 39), https://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Jagdpanzer_IV&oldid=87506, Rolled homogeneous armour (Hull, Superstructure). In a defensive role, your role is to contain the enemy advance in case of a breakthrough. It was one of the first vehicles introduced in the opening of "Ground Forces" in Update 1.41after the Closed Beta Test. hab Jagdpanzer IV/70 komplett ausgebaut meine frage wie kann es sein das ich gegen Tiger 2 aushalten kann? He was killed while looking out of his Jagdpanzer IV hatch during the Battle of the Bulge. Due to the different gun mounts, three main variants were produced from the Jagdpanzer IV, the original Jagdpanzer IV (with the 75 mm Pak 39 L/48 cannon), the Panzer IV/70 (V), and the Panzer IV/70 (A) (Both of which have the 75 mm Pak 42 L/70 cannon). Peauxet camouflepour la série Jagdpanzer IV de live.warthunder.com. Los Jagdpanzer IVen el garaje. Максимальная скорость составляет 43 км/ч и набирается довольно быстро, что позволяет держаться неподалёку от основных атакующих сил и не отставать от них. The traverse speed of the gun however is slow in comparison to other tank destroyers at the battle rating, which makes your targeting process slow. The most produced version, with 930–940 built … Fue introducido durante la beta cerrada de Fuerzas de tierra antes de la actualización 1.41. The enemy will be pushing forward and thus moving the front line, making engagements take place at a closer range than you're comfortable with. Entire front armor is sloped, not flat like on previous StuG tank destroyers, and has no prominent weak spot 3. your own Pins on Pinterest The generally successful vehicle had a number of shortcomings. Il est le summum de la ligne du PzKpfw 38(t) dans l'arbre allemand, suivant deux variantes de PzKpfw 38(t) et le Marder III. The ammunition available to the Jagdpanzer IV allows for engaging all types of targets: The Jagdpanzer IV has a MG42 machine gun. The utilization of the Panzer IV chassis was met with much criticism by General Heinz Guderian, who saw the diverting of Panzer IV tank resources as unnecessary since the current assault gun StuG III was more than adequate in the role and Germany still needed reliable tanks that it could use. Some captured Jagdpanzer IVs were given out by the Soviet Union to Romania and Syria, but Romania scrapped all the German armour by 1954 and Syria used them in conflicts against Israel until 1967. Once researched, the "Winterketten" wide tracks for snowy terrain will grant you a very good mobility on soft terrain. The lack of neutral steering makes turning on the spot slow (2 km/h): make sure to build a little speed before turning and you'll turn faster (6 km/h). D'autres modifications ont été apportées à la conception au fil du temps, mais le plus grand changement dans sa production a été l'ajoutschürzendes plaques de blindage latérale. Der Jagdpanther verwendet dasPanther Chassis montieren die88 mm Pak 43 ein relativ niedrigen Profil Panzer zu schaffen, die sie konfrontiert mit … Skins and camouflages for the Jagdpanzer IV from live.warthunder.com. The armor of the Hetzer does not tear it out so much now, and the Jagdpanzer IV is more agile, faster, harder to detect, has a good traverse for its 7.5 cm gun and can fire numerous smoke discharges. It can be a double-edged sword: the transmission will soak up most shots which can be good at long range, but at close range it is a death sentence, as it allows your enemy to casually flank to your vulnerable sides and take out your whole crew. Das Jagdpanzer IVist ein deutscher Panzerjäger mit einer Schlacht Bewertung von 4,7 Rang III. However, the muzzle brake was removed as it kicks up a large amount of dust from the ground that obscures the gunner's sights so that was removed, and the zimmerit was also removed after September 1944 due to rumours that they were causing vehicle fires. 2. And if are even slightly angled, most enemies will be able to penetrate your superstructure's side armour with little effort. Lacking a stabilizer, the tank can't accurately fire on the move. En raison des différents supports d'armes à feu, trois variantes principales ont été produites à partir du Jagdpanzer IV, l'originalJagdpanzer IV(Avec le Pak 75 mm 39 canon L/48), lePanzer IV / 70 (V), et le Panzer IV / 70 (A) (Qui ont tous deux le Pak 75 mm 42 canon L/70). To simplify the production of this vehicle, the superstructure was essentially made of large interlocking plates that are welded together. When engaging enemy tanks, privilege firing hull-down from behind cover. Leur performance globale a été très réussie en tant que chasseurs de chars et seulement sub-par dans d'autres rôles qui sont habituellement prises par des chars ou des canons d'assaut, comme le high-velocity canon de 75 mm, il monte ne convenaient pas à des fins de anti-infantry et fortification. Though this project was originally conceived over a completely new chassis, the Panzer IV was chosen to be used instead. roues de suspension ont une épaisseur de 15 mm tandis que les pistes ont une épaisseur de 20 mm. Die Jagdpanzer IV (der Name war austauschbar zwischen all seinen Varianten) wurde erstmals am März 1944 herausgegeben und wurde in anti-tank Rolle in der West- und Ostfront eingesetzt. Rack 1 is modeled as 3 shells, racks 2, 3, 7 & 8: 10 shells, racks 4 & 5: 8 shells, rack 6: 6 shells and rack 9: 11 shells. The gun traverse is average, but the … The reverse speed is good: it will get you out of a dangerous situation quickly but not enough to play overextending tactics. Les spécifications ci était blindage avant 100 mm, 40-50 mm sur les côtés, de larges pistes, vitesse de pointe de 26 km/h, garde au sol de 50 cm, et une position de tir très faible. Il a été introduit durant le test fermé Beta pour les forces terrestres avant mise à … Use your good mobility to get to a shooting spot. If I remember correctky at 4.0 if you play with Tiger 2s and post war tanks; then do not buy it. The Jagdpanzer IV (the name was interchangeable between all of its variants) was first issued on March 1944 and was employed in an anti-tank role in the Western and Eastern Front. The Jagdpanzer IV reaches 17 km/h when fording, 17 km/h when driving uphill with some speed built-up but a mere 7 km/h uphill from a stop start. Die Jagdpanzer IV nahmen an der Normandie-Kampagne, Schlacht der Ausbuchtung, und die sowjetischen Offensiven an der Ostfront. La superstructure avait une armure en pente d'épaisseur 80 mm qui lui donne une épaisseur de 100 mm efficaces. Witam! In September 1942, the Wehrmacht arms bureau called for a new type of assault vehicles.

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